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Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH - English
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This is a special area in the realization of excess stock: In no other product group is excess stock more of an issue.

Regardless of whether it is canned food, ready-made meals, ingredients or frozen goods.

And whether it is a result of inappropriate mix, misprinted labeling, a failed marketing activity or simply overproduction.

As soon as it becomes clear that the originally planned sales volumes cannot be achieved, the expiry date clock starts ticking.

Minimum order quantity for these products is usually a full truck of 33 Euro pallets. We offer you the goods. You send us your firm bid, and we then say “yes” or “no”.

At the moment, we are looking for partners in the following regions:

  • Scandinavia
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria

If you can sell food products in any other countries, please get in touch with us.

Aroused your interest? Give us a call!

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