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Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH - English
Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH - English
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Apparel / Clothing


We have small quantities, we have big quantities. We have small sizes, we have big sizes.

Apparel is a multifaceted category. Hence, our product offering is also multifaceted. Many factors, such as climate, colours, materials and not least fashion, determine which clothing items can be sold in which region.

We collaborate with various leading German brands and market all resulting surplus merchandise, mostly with exclusive rights.


We frequently offer ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing from this assortment to our customers.

But this product portfolio includes also socks, hosiery and underwear as well as accessories.

Volumes vary as follows:
  • Big volumes as promotional items for retail chains
  • Small volumes as fillers for individual retailers
  • Full permanent assortments with constantly rotating fashion products for rack shopping

We deliver to regular customers in: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, Iceland, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and numerous countries in the Middle East and in southern Africa.

Are you selling in one of these countries or in other countries? Speak to us and together we will consider which products will suit your purposes.

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