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Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH - English
Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH - English
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We are Wholesaler for Export!


We are looking for export partners. We have exported surplus merchandise, excess stock and stocklots of German brands for over 24 years. And in the past two years, we have marketed our products in more than 40 different countries.

Occasionally, we have articles and campaign merchandise, which we are not allowed to sell in Germany. You can check out such articles online as well and order them directly.

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Our product portfolio encompasses:

  • Textiles: Outerwear, children’s clothes, etc.
  • Textiles: Socks and hosiery
  • Textiles: Underwear
  • Items for Building markets
  • All types of food products, incl. frozen goods
  • Electric goods and electronics
  • Elektro- und Elektronikwaren

You will get a good overview of our product assortment by visiting our online portal.

However, not all articles that we can supply from our main warehouse in Tornesch by Hamburg are available online.

Many products from well-known German brand manufacturers may only be exported to a few select countries. We sell such articles in person on site, at our offices in Uetersen or at the customer’s premises in the target country.

If we have managed to arouse your interest, please contact us to make an appointment, so that we can get to know each other.

25 Pallets of Screw Hex Nuts = 22.348 kg

Total Quantity= 3243940 pcs M 6: 36 boxes á 12.000 pcs = 432.000 pcs x 4 Paletts = 1.728.000 pcs M 8: 36 boxes á 5.000 pcs = 180.000 pcs x 2 Pallet = 360.000 pcs M 10: 46 boxes á 2.000 pcs =...


640 different Designer Floor Lamps

Price = 3.500,00 EUR / pcs ____________________________________________ (8452) - 640 different Designer Floor Lamps 2 pcs. ceiling Lights 638 pcs. various ligands floor lamps


Kodak Farbwelt Klassik ISO 200 135/24 - 35mm...

Film für normale Lichtverhältnisse ISO Empfindlichkeit 200/24° 24 Filmaufnahmen CAT 611 0399 Inhalt: 1 Stck. zu entwickeln bis: 01/2015